About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to use regenerative agricultural techniques in order to utilize and improve the productivity of the environment from which we draw our sustenance. We practice responsible land stewardship in order to harvest from and simultaneously improve our ecosystem.  We, at EcoCulture Farms, will leave our children with a better world than we have now.

Our Vision

We strive to steward a highly functioning ecosystem in order to produce an abundance and variety of edible and salable products. Closing the waste stream, improving relationships with our local community, spreading knowledge and awareness around food and agriculture are central to the functioning of the farm. Each enterprise of the farm has the ability to stand alone, yet each play a pivotal role in each others functionality and efficiency. Our livestock, vegetable production, fruit tree cultivation, and soil building programs feed and support each other in a cohesive and harmonious manner.

About The Farmers

Jack Shallow's vision began when his kids (Cory, Daniel and Josh) were young. He and his wife wanted to help the kids create a positive work ethic and learn how to manage a business. He originally intended for the farm to be a family project to promote growth through knowledge, education and good old hard work. Jack and his wife, Jacquie began learning about grapes (since Temecula has its own beautiful wine country). They maintain their own vineyard and have had great success. The first year, Jack miscalculated just how much work it was going to be to begin the harvest. "So I realized within 5 minutes that I was going to need some help. I called up some family and friends and within hours we had everyone out helping harvest. The next year they all just showed up asking if it was time to start harvesting. We realized that it was a really nice event that people loved and wanted to be a part of!" Slowly the farm began to grow from grapes to a few chickens, to a few pigs with the intention of simply being just for the family. Over time it evolved into a beautiful working farm with help from family and friends, and a bit of passion for their cause. 





Cory Shallow's interest in agriculture and farming started while he was in high school and his parents planted their vineyard. He helped them by pruning the vines and realized how enjoyable it actually was. At around the same time, he enrolled in a botany class and his interest in plants grew. Shortly after his high school years he was introduced to some amazing documentaries that drove it all home for him when the issue was brought to life about the misuse of land and the harmful ways the animals were being treated. This sparked his interest and he began attending a well known agriculture school. "I am here in this school and I can learn about it, influence it and change it!" He met like-minded people who fostered his enthusiasm. With his education complete, he was filled with passion for the art of agriculture. His father, Jack had already begun his work on their own land with chickens and vineyards so he decided to fuel the family's vision with his new found knowledge. 

For both Jack and Cory, it was never about the money. The most important aspect of their farm is to leave their little piece of earth better than how they found it. They set out to make a change and to help their community become more sustainable while reconnecting people with agriculture. "Regarding the reason why, I had met all of these amazing people who were really changing the world in a really subtle but powerful way and I just felt like I really wanted to be a part of that... There has been this disconnect between people and their food and it is causing a lot of issues that our generation is now facing."